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Erased Classic

Collection Page

Erased Classic

Programmed errors make the carpets inspired and alive

Erased Classic


Classic repeating patterns form the basis of Erased Classic. The carpet’s severe, ordered motifs are dispersed; the repeating patterns look as if they have been erased, doused with acid and patched up. This produces a completely new design vocabulary which Jan Kath embellishes even further.

Picture of a Alcaraz Sky rug
Rug Details

Alcaraz Sky

Picture of a Milano Stomped rug
Rug Details

Milano Stomped

Strictly ordered ornamental elements of traditional carpets are broken up.

Erased Classic

Picture of a Roma Vendetta rug
Rug Details

Roma Vendetta

Picture of a Bomba Vendetta rug
Rug Details

Bomba Vendetta

Erased Classic

The aesthetics of decay: derelict industrial sites and the reclamation of space by nature serve as inspiration

Picture of a Ferrara Wrapped rug
Rug Details

Ferrara Wrapped

Picture of a Ferrara Special Rocked rug
Rug Details

Ferrara Special Rocked

Picture of a Ferrara Special Border rug
Rug Details

Ferrara Special Border

Picture of a Milano Raved rug
Rug Details

Milano Raved