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Erased Heritage

Collection Page

Back to the roots! The “Erased Heritage” collection pays homage to the traditional oriental carpet. Finding inspiration from old patterns, techniques, and standards of quality, Jan Kath also turns to old master weavers to bring these designs back to life. Knot by knot, they hand produce Egyptian Mamluks, Iranian Bidjars, and Turkish Konyas using the original colors.

Picture of a Tabriz Canal Aerial rug
Rug Details

Tabriz Canal Aerial

Picture of a Tabriz Canal Stomped rug
Rug Details

Tabriz Canal Stomped

Every community, region, and cultural group in the east has developed a particular style of carpet. Over the centuries, different areas have developed different signature features and styles. “With the Erased Heritage collection, we are helping to make sure that these ideas survive into the modern age.” explains Kath.

Picture of a Tabriz Fashion Vendetta rug
Rug Details

Tabriz Fashion Vendetta

Picture of a Mamluk Kensington Pleasure rug
Rug Details

Mamluk Kensington Pleasure

While most carpet weavers read the pattern from a drawing, directions for pieces in the Erased Heritage collection are sung aloud. The loom master, head of the carpet weavers, reads out commands, translates them into a kind of chant and sings the next steps to those tying the knots in a sonorous voice. The results are carpets with a revolutionary look that combine old and new in a way that has never been done before.