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In the Haîk collection, Jan Kath transposes the patterns of traditional Moroccan robes to the carpet. The clothing and headscarves still lovingly made at home by the nomadic women in remote regions of North Africa serve as his template.

Haîk 4

Picture of a Haîk 4 rug
Rug Details
Picture of a Haîk 4 rug
Rug Details

Haîk 4

Picture of a Haîk 6 rug
Rug Details

Haîk 6

Picture of a Haîk 7 rug
Rug Details

Haîk 7

Picture of a Haîk 8 rug
Rug Details

Haîk 8

Picture of a Haîk 9 rug
Rug Details

Haîk 9